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1. Taut Body Ltd
About Taut Body Ltd
Taut Body Ltd is located at The Village Market along Limuru Road, Nairobi. Taut Body Ltd deals in products, goods, merchandise, services and activities related to Gym & Fitness. Available contacts, description, overview, phone numbers, mobile numbers, website, social media links information for Taut Body Ltd is detailed below.
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Location : The Village Market
Street/Road : Limuru Road, Nairobi, Kenya
County : Nairobi, Kenya
Town : Nairobi
Locality : Village Market Area
| Mobile Numbers : +254 0701 053738
Key People : Amy Selbach (Founder)

Taut Body Ltd Description & Overview
Taut Body provides a community centered around health, fitness, wellness and enabling its clients live the best lives possible. This it does by providing a fully equipped Gym and enrolling members in specially designed fitness routines and dietary regimes to assist them achieve desired fitness goals. Additionally, it also conducts workshops and seminars where clients/members can learn how to develop positive outlooks, stay motivated, manage challenges and how to achieve their desired objectives.

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