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1. County Government of Murang'a
About County Government of Murang'a
County Government of Murang'a is located at Murang'a Town Hall in Murang'a Town. County Government of Murang'a deals in products, goods, merchandise, services and activities related to County Governments. Available contacts, description, overview, phone numbers, mobile numbers, website, social media links information for County Government of Murang'a is detailed below.
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Location : Murang'a Town Hall
Postal Address : P.O.Box 52-10200 , Murang'a Town
County : Murang'a, Kenya
Town : Murang'a Town
| Landline Numbers : +254 60 2030271
| Mobile Numbers : +254 0716 833073
Founded in 2013
Key People : Mwangi wa Iria (Inaugural, Current Governor)

County Government of Murang'a Description & Overview
The County Government of Murang'a is the devolved government that manages the Murang'a County per Kenya's constitution of 2010. County governments in Kenya are provided for and setup in Articles 191 and 192, and in the fourth schedule of the Constitution of Kenya and the County Governments Act of 2012. Among its core responsibilities are : 1. Promotion Crop and Animal Husbandry 2. Regulation and licensing of Livestock sale yards 3. Regulation, licensing and supervision of County abattoirs 4. Plant and animal disease control 5. Promotion of Fishery and Aqua Culture 6. Provision of Ambulance services 7. Promotion of primary health care 8. Licensing and control of establishment and enterprises that sell food to the public 9. Provision of Veterinary services (excluding regulation of the profession) 10. Provision of Refuse removal, refuse dumps and solid waste disposal services 11. In conjunction with agencies of the Nation Government, to license and regulate establishment and enterprises that sell Alcohol 12. Provision of facilities for the accommodation, care and burial of animals 14 extermination of public nuisance vermin, stray dogs and other such animals 15. Licensing,supervision and provision of amenities to public markets. 16. In conjunction with agencies of the Nation Government, to facilitate Land surveying, planning and mapping 17. Provision of infrastructure services, these include county roads, estate roads, sewerage services, water service etc 18. Provision of Fire Fighting services and Disaster Management Services. 19. Provision of Pre-primary education, village polytechnics, homecraft centres and childcare facilities 20. Licensing of Businesses, Factories and public engagement establishments 21. Any other activity allowed in law the promotes the cultural , economic and social environment of the resident of the County Ⓒ 2017 | The Comprehensive Directory Of Established & Documented Enterprises In Kenya