Tips for Hiring a Nanny
Tips for Hiring a Nanny

Tips for Hiring a Nanny

Parenting in the 21st century presents its own set of unique challenges. With the family,dynamicsdemanding efforts from both parents, and circumstances forcing single parenthood, the search for nannies becomes imperative. Nannies are helps hired to watch the children and sometimes help with household chores. For most working parents, hiring a nanny is a difficult process filled with dread- with stories of murdered, abused or kidnapped children; the parent(s) can only hope to find the best match for them and their children. What are some of the important considerations to make when hiring a nanny?

1. Trust your gut

Trusting your inner voice is important. Do not hire a person with whom you are uncomfortable. The nanny you hire should be a person you can trust with your home and your children. If a person is too good to be true, they probably are. For whatever reason, if you do not like a person, do not hire them.

2. Vet candidates thoroughly

A nanny will spend most of their time with your children. Make sure they pass through a thorough vetting process. Learn the background of thecandidate including whether they have a criminal record. Where does she come from? Where is her family? Where has she worked before? Such questions are important in case of emergencies. The employer should also verify the information by doing his or her own background check. While vetting, ask any questions that might be important to you including the importance of the job to the nanny and their feelings towards it.

3. Put it in writing

Verbal agreements are unreliable. Treat your nanny as your employee including having an interview and a contractual agreement. Write down the leave says, salary, bonuses, duties, and responsibilities making it easy for both you and the nanny to keep your promises to each other. Also, indicate debts, overpayments and advance salaries. All relevant parties should duly sign the documentation.

4. Ask for recommendations

Recommendations are important before hiring an employee. This requirement should apply to nannies as well. The nanny should provide recommendations from the previous employer(s). To be sure, countercheck with the employer(s) to verify.

5. Put the nanny on trial

Once you find a suitable candidate, put her on trial for a certain period. Give her a probation period that allows you enough time to analyze her behavior and interactions with your children. During and after this period, you may install nanny cams and let the nanny know you are watching. If you are displeased with the nanny, repeat the hiring process until you find the perfect match.

Once you have the right nanny, treat her well, remunerate her as per your agreement and maintain open communication with them. 

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