Preparing for child delivery and the post-partum period
Preparing for child delivery and the post-partum period

Preparing for child delivery and the post-partum period

Childbirth is every pregnant woman’s most awaited moment - a moment whose preparation begins with the knowledge of the life growing inside her body. Preparing oneself for childbirth is one of the most important things a woman should do before she enters the delivery room. One should be equipped with the knowledge of what to expect inside the delivery room and during the postpartum period. Here are some of the steps to prepare for child delivery and the postpartum period:

Preparing for delivery

  1. Join a class

Childbearing classes are offered at most nursing and maternity institutions to pregnant women. These classes are important as they provide knowledge on the some of the important activities and expectations in the delivery room. These classes also educate the mothers-to-be on how to handle the baby after delivery such as breastfeeding, taking care of the umbilical cord, bathing the baby as well as how to care for their bodies after birth.

  1. Exercise

Exercise during pregnancy is crucial. One of the best ways to exercise your pregnant body is by walking. Walking helps in developing your bone strength and resilience of muscles as well as relaxing the mother. As one approaches delivery, walking may help in lowering the baby and opening up the cervix.

  1. Relax and rest

Relaxation is vital as one prepares for delivery. Relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation may help in getting the body attuned to labor and birth. Resting is important to help the woman conserve energy in readiness for labor, childbirth and afterward.

  1. Call for support

Child delivery is one of the demanding tasks a woman has to handle. For this reason, calling for a support system is crucial in preparing for child delivery. The support system should understand your needs and be ready to help.

  1. Have a birth plan

A birth plan indicates the kind of birth a woman desires as well as the intervention methods such as pain medication during labor.

  1. Shop and pack

During delivery, you may require staying at the hospital for the period during labor and after childbirth. Shop for all the items you will need including baby clothes and basic personal hygiene items.

Preparing for the post-partum period

The postpartum period involves healing of the mother and caring for the baby. Preparations for this period include shopping for items such as cotton wool and tampons, scheduling baby’s appointments, preparing meals beforehand and stocking up on foods as going out may be complicated for the first six weeks after birth. The woman also needs to decide on her back to work plans and how her baby will be taken care of if she will be resuming work.

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