Planning your wedding In Kenya
Planning your wedding In Kenya

Planning your wedding

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event that marks the beginning of a new stage in life. Planning a wedding is one of the most essential tasks that require a lot of thought and consideration. As a wedding planner, bride or groom, the success of the wedding will depend hugely on the effectiveness of the plans, and how well they are coordinated.


In the planning process, several factors need to be considered:

 The date of the wedding: determining the date of the wedding is an important step that guides all the other activities including how much time you will have, the season during which the wedding will be conducted setting a date also guides in ordering items such as tents, booking gardens or hiring catering staff.

  • Budgeting: having a budget enables the wedding planners to decide on the most effective form of wedding. The budget also guides the number of guests to invite, the type of shopping to do as well as the kind of party to conduct.

      Having a budget also helps in determining whether there is need to seek                     outside financing

  • Hire a wedding planner a wedding planner will take the ideas of the bride and the groom to blend them into a working combination. Having a wedding planner saves the bride and groom a lot of time by taking the burden off their shoulders.

While the party planner handles planning for the big day, the bride, groom and their friends may plan activities leading to the wedding day a bachelorette party or a stag party

A bachelorette party is one thrown for the bride-to-be. While most bachelorette parties are associated with sexual recklessness and drunkenness, the party may serve as a way for the bride to be to have a bonding experience with her female friends before beginning her marriage journey.


The groom and best man, on the other hand, organize stag parties on the night before the wedding. The party symbolizes the "loss of freedom" for the groom. The parties feature only male attendants, mainly friends of the groom.

Bachelorette and stag parties often employ the services of male and female strippers.

When planning a bachelorette or stag party, the interests of the bride or the groom should be considered.

With the wedding being the most important event, the bride and groom should endure that everything happens within the right timeframe including sending out invitations, ordering for cakes, tents, chairs, a garden, caterers, and acquisition of the proper documentation. 

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