Mobile Credit Apps in Kenya
Mobile Credit Apps in Kenya

Mobile Credit Apps in Kenya

The growth in technology and availability of mobile phones in Kenya has revolutionized the banking industry. To stay in business, most banks have resorted to having a mobile platform through which their customers can access them. Mobile banking and the growing financial needs by Kenyans have created a lucrative micro-lending business, which many have tapped into by creating mobile credit apps. Through these applications, Kenyans can access loans of different limits without having to go through the detailed bank processes. Most of these apps offer the flexibility of clients accessing loans from wherever they are within a few hours. Most of their interest rates and their payment methods are also flexible.

These instant loans come in handy during urgent financial situations or when in need of starting a business without having to incur the prohibitive costs of bank loans. The fact that these loans do not require security makes them an efficient choice for most people who need small and instant loans.

KCB Mpesa

KCB Mpesa is a credit avenue provided through a partnership between Mpesa and KCB bank. KCB Mpesa offers a loan limit of KSH 50 and a maximum loan of KSH 1,000,000. Loan charges include a 2.5% negotiation fee and an interest rate of 1.16%.


Mkopo Rahisi was the first mobile credit app launched in 20145. The app was later reestablished as Tala. Tala requires some personal details before determining your creditworthiness. They offer minimum loan of KSH50 and a maximum of KSH 50,000. The loans are repaid with an interest of 15% in three weekly installments.


Branch is one of the top and currently most recommended mobile credit app. Branch operates exclusively on a mobile app and requires one to have a Facebook and M-Pesa account. Branch offers loans between KSH 250 to KSH 50,000. Interest rates may be as low as 1% to 14% per month. The more you save, borrow and repay in time, the more your loan limit increases and the interest rate decreases. Loan repayments are made through M-Pesa.


M-shwari is a product of Safaricom, which allows customers to access loans depending on their loan limits. M-shwari is accessible to all active and registered M-Pesa users. Their loan limit ranges from as low as KSH 50 to KSH 1,000,000. M-shwari charges an interest rate of 7.5% with a loan repayment duration of 30 days. Should the loan be unpaid by the loan period, the customer is charged an extra 7.5% facilitation fee. Delays in loan re-payment lead to loss of access to M-shwari loans for 30 days. M-shwari is linked to CBA bank.   

 Other apps such as Zidisha work through people loaning each other money and paying it back at the agreed time without interest.

To access these mobile credit apps, one needs to download the application from Playstore or Appstore. These apps are regularly updated to improve their services and ease of use for their customers.

Credit apps in Kenya review ones mobile money transaction to determine your loan limit. The analysis of your Mpesa or Airtel money transactions may feel invasive for people. 

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