Exercise Gyms in Nairobi
Exercise Gyms in Nairobi

Exercise Gyms in Nairobi

Exercise and healthy living are increasingly gaining popularity among city dwellers. With the bustling activities of the city and the constant demands from career, family and various commitments, exercise sometimes takes the backseat. Sometimes, ignorance about the places where exercise facilities are located could contribute to failure for most Nairobians to exercise. To cater for the fitness needs of the various groups of people in the city, multiple gyms have been set up. Some are located in the neighborhoods and offer simple equipment, while others have elaborate equipment and highly trained professionals to serve their clients. Here are some of the gyms located in Nairobi

Great Body Gym

Located in the central business district along Tom Mboya Street, Great Body Gym is one of the top gyms in Nairobi with state of the art equipment and training facilities. The gym offers several services including cardio, steam, karate, weight training, aerobics, and tummy trimming exercises, taebo, taekwondo and nutritional counseling. The servicesare charged at different rates. To join the gym, one is required to present a passport and a registration fee of KSH 200

Premier Fitness Centre

The Premier Fitness Centre is another gym in the CBD that fulfills your basic fitness needs at a time convenient to the clients. For those who love early morning workouts, the gym is a perfect stopover as they open early. The gym is located on Finance House, Koinange Street.

Revitalize Wellness Centre

Revitalize Wellness Centre is a luxurious, state of the art gym located in Westlands at Lion Centre. The gym offers a wide range of exercise and revitalizing services including cardio and aerobic exercises, beauty services such as facials and manicures, as well as yoga and spa sessions.

Workout Express

The gym is a modern facility with modern equipment such as a power plate. Workout Express offers services such as spa, fitness (including weight loss training) and nutrition guidance to its clients. Workout Express is located

CrossFit Kwetu

Located on Gigiri Lane, CrossFit Kwetu is a gym that offers training and fitness services to its clients. The gym has no joining fees. Clients pay monthly membership fees and work in groups. The group sessions usually carry 10 to 15 people, who receive their training at the same time. The gym also caters to a broad clientele.

Other gyms located in Nairobi include The Colosseum Fitness Centre on Ngong Road, Samto Fitness Centre, Maxfit Gym and Racing Sports Gym. With these facilities, keeping fit should not be a problem anymore. Besides, these facilities commit themselves to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

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