Child Daycare Options in Kenya : Things To Consider
Child Daycare Options in Kenya : Things To Consider
Child Daycare Options in Kenya : Things To Consider
Daycares are an appropriate choice for parents who cannot afford fees for a nanny or spend most of their time at home with their children. Daycares are a good place for your child to interact with other children of his age. Daycares come in many sizes and shapes, from the simple to elaborate daycares with facilities such as a medical unit. Daycares may be found as single business ventures, as part of a company or as a part of a school. Despite these differences, they should offer professional care services to the parents and their children. With their rising demand in the country, daycare centers are being established by the day. Before deciding to leave your child at a daycare, make sure you have carefully ascertained the reputation of the daycare from reliable persons.Better still, check out the daycare center to determine whether the environment is good enough for your child. Some of the things to check out for in a daycare include
Children are sensitive to infections and should be placed in hygienic conditions. Check whether the daycare has facilities for hygiene such as clean floors, ventilation for adequate air circulation, adequate lighting and that the staff handling children maintain high standards of personal hygiene. 
• Activities
Before selecting the daycare, understand the kind of program they have such as opening hours, and play activities. Examine the play activities to decide whether they are suitable for the child’s development.
• Facilities
Is the daycare adequately furnished with the necessary items such as beds, seats, play areas and toys? In case the daycare caters for older children, are there adequate and well-maintainedlatrines or toilets?
• Staff
Do you like the team working at the daycare? It is essential to establish a good relationship with the staff working at the daycare. However, if you do not like them, it is advisable to examine other options.
• Cost
The daycare you select should be pocket-friendly. You should look for a daycare that fits your budget. However, do not compromise on the quality.
• Reputation
Since your child will be spending time at the daycare for most times, it is crucial to select one with a good reputation. 
• Listen to your child
Watch out for alarming changes to your child. The emotions and behavior of your child should indicate their pleasure or displeasure at being in the daycare. Examine unusual behavior to ascertain its roots. 
• Trust your guts
As a parent,your gut feeling will guide you to what is best for your child. Trust your inner voice.
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