About the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Kenya
About the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Kenya

National Social Security Fund


NSSF is a pension and provident fund funded in 1965. The fund exists as a quasi-government establishment with the aim of collecting, safekeeping, and responsible investment and distribution of pension funds for both the formal and the informal sector. The fund is managed by a board of trustees and operates under the National Social security Act. The board of trustees consists of nine members. NSSF generates her income from members’ contributions and returns from various investments. Currently, NSSF invests in real estate, fixed income and equities and had a total of about KSH 100.7 Billion.


NSSFwas established under the NSSF Act Chapter 258 of the Laws of Kenya. Currently, NSSF operates under the NSSF Act no 45, which, was enacted in 2013. The Act stipulates the operation of the fund including the establishment of NSSF, the board of directors, the duties and meetings of the board, the contribution of the members, factors for eligibility and membership, the benefits of the fund, financial resources of the fund, the administration of the fund and legal proceedings. The Act consists of two schedules: excepted employment and certificate of employment.


NSSF is open to Kenyans in the formal and informal sector. Membership is compulsory for those in the formalsector. For those in the informal sector, membership is open and voluntary. All eligible Kenyans may apply for membership at their nearest NSSF offices countrywide or online.


NSSF requires all its members to be Kenyan citizen who have the minimum age of 18 years. At the time of application, one has to present a national identification document. A minimum fee may be required to activate the card.


NSSF members in employment contribute a certain amount to the fund depending on their income. Their employers also contribute a similar amount. The employer’s contribution to the employees’ pension and provident fund serves as compensation for having spent the best of their lives working. Self-employed individuals make their contributions as dictated by the fund from time to time.


NSSF publishes their financial statement on their website to account for their revenues generated from the various sources. These financial statements may be downloaded from their website using the provided links.


NSSF faces several challenges including changing market conditions, which affect their investments. Some of these market changes include price variation and volatile interest rates. Other problems include frequent changes in the board of trustees, which places the governance of NSSF in an unstable position. 

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